Engage! Star Trek: Picard renewed for season 2

Patrick Stewart beams back as Jean-Luc Picard for not one, but two seasons on CBS All Access.

Star Trek: Picard stars Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard with old friend and colleague Jonathan Frakes as William Riker.

If Star Trek: Picard ends with a cliffhanger, fans can rest easy knowing they'll get answers. CBS All Access announced on Sunday that the series is renewed for a second season.

"We are about 10 days away from the premiere of Star Trek: Picard, so it's a delight to share with you that we've been renewed for a second season," Star Trek: Picard star Patrick Stewart tweeted on Sunday. "Excited to get back to work and for you to see what our amazing team has created for season one."

Star Trek: Picard reveals that since Star Trek: The Next Generation, Jean-Luc Picard (Stewart) was promoted to admiral and led a rescue armada on a mysterious mission 15 years prior to the new series' events. He then left Starfleet to run his family's vineyard. (Disclosure: CBS is the parent company of CNET).

But now it looks like Picard will be joining a new non-Starfleet crew in a quest to protect a mysterious woman named Dahj (Isa Briones), who comes to him for help. The Star Trek villains the Borg will play a role in the series.

Star Trek actors Brent Spiner (Data), Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), Jonathan Frakes (William Riker) and Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi) will also be reprising their characters in Star Trek: Picard. Actor Jonathan Del Arco will reprise his role as Hugh the Borg.

CBS All Access also announced Sunday that Star Trek: The Next Generation actor Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher) will be hosting The Ready Room -- the behind-the-scenes hub for all the Star Trek shows, starting with Star Trek: Picard.

After each episode airs, Wheaton will interview a special guest, and look at behind-the-scenes footage and previews of upcoming episodes.

Star Trek: Picard debuts on CBS All Access on Jan. 23.