eBay's toy catalog offers $11K Boba Fett, $100K Transformers

Old and new toys mingle for the holidays.

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There's plenty of variety in eBay's Toybook.

eBay/Screenshot by CNET

Not to be outdone by Amazon, eBay is offering wildly expensive old-school toys and reasonably priced current ones in its holiday catalog.

The online retailer is sending printed copies of its Toybook to millions of US homes, but you can check out the whole thing online, the company said in a Wednesday release.

Some of the expensive retro highlights include an upcoming auction for a boxed, authenticated set of G1 Transformers that's valued at $100,000, a high-grade vintage Star Wars Boba Fett figure for $11,000 and a near-mint Magic: The Gathering Alpha Black Lotus card that's $100,000.

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For the sake of balance and to remind you that all toys aren't ludicrously expensive, they're on pages with contemporary items like a $20 Bumblebee and $10 Marvel figures.

"The Toy Book demonstrates exactly what is special about eBay, bringing shoppers the toys on every kid's toy list, along with the ones they won't find anywhere else,"  said Scott Cutler, eBay's US senior vice president, in the release.

Some of these will be on display in New York's Chelsea Market (at 75 Ninth Ave.) from Friday, Nov. 16, to Tuesday, Nov. 20. It's free, so you can drool over toys you've wanted for decades without taking out a loan.

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