Donald Glover Working on Obscure Spider-Man Villain Movie, Report Says

Who is the Hypno-Hustler?

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Is Donald Glover working on a new role in the Spider-Man universe? 

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Donald Glover is already in the Spider-Man Cinematic Universe, having appeared in 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming, but the actor/musician might show up in another film related to the web-slinger. 

A film based on lesser-known Spider-Man villain Hypno-Hustler is reportedly in development with Glover set to produce and star, according to The Hollywood Reporter Friday. Few details about this film are available, although Myles Murphy, the son of Eddie Murphy, is attached to write the film. 

Sony Pictures, which owns the Spider-Man movie franchise, didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. 

The Hypo-Hustler is a Spider-Man villain who first appeared in the comics in 1978. Antoine Desloin was the lead singer of a band called the Mercy Killers, and he uses his music equipment to hypnotize people as he robs them. The character isn't one of Spider-Man's better-known bad guys, but he has shown up or been referenced periodically in comics, TV shows and video games. 

Glover earlier appeared in the Spider-Man Cinematic Universe in the small role of Aaron Davis, a thief who helped Spider-Man find the Vulture. Aaron Davis is the name of the Spider-Man villain the Prowler, and it was theorized that Glover's role in the film could lead to him eventually returning as the bad guy as well as introduce Miles Morales, who is Davis' nephew. 

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