Doctor Who trailer breakdown: Cybermen, Stephen Fry, WWII Paris and more

Get ready for the long-awaited new season, which arrives Jan. 1.

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The next season of Doctor Who could be the most exciting for the Time Lord and her companions.

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Hang on to your Tardis! The popular British sci-fi TV series Doctor Who returns Jan. 1. If the new trailer out Monday is any indication, it looks like fans are in for an action-packed 12th season.

The new trailer along with one released on Nov. 23 show Doctor Who's first female Doctor (played by Jodie Whittaker) is back and ready to take on whatever the universe throws her way.

The 13th Doctor is joined by her companions Yaz (Mandip Gill), Ryan (Tosin Cole) and Graham (Bradley Walsh), who look like they'll be facing off with some alien races who have a bone to pick with the famous Time Lord.

Here are the best scenes from both trailers and what they might mean for the Doctor and her friends. 

Cybermen are coming after the Doctor

"Something's coming after me, I can feel it," the Doctor says. The Cybermen are always down for a fight with the Doctor, and when they find her she could be done for. The Doctor may be on her last regeneration. The Cybermen would no doubt jump at the chance to be the ones who get to kill the famous Time Lord after all these years.

The Judoon are back!

The Judoon, the brutish aliens who look like a mix of rhinos and humans, have returned. They are known throughout the galaxy for acting as the mercenary police force who only care about following the law to the letter. The question is will they be fighting against the Doctor or with her?

Was that the Racnoss?

The half-human, half-spider race of aliens called the Racnoss threatened Earth in 2007. It looks like they may have returned to cause more chaos for the Doctor.


Stephen Fry asks for help in the new season of Doctor Who.

Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Stephen Fry needs the Doctor's help

One trailer begins with the Doctor making a James Bond joke while wearing a tuxedo. So chances are that episode will be a Bond-like adventure for the Doctor and her companions. It looks like actor Stephen Fry is playing some kind of high-level government official or perhaps the new head of MI-5 spy division. He asks the Doctor an important question: "The security of this entire planet is at stake. Can we rely upon you?"

What's with all the birds?

A large flock of black birds swarms outside the Tardis. Could this be an homage to Alfred Hitchcock's celebrated 1963 horror film The Birds? Or is it just an ominous sign that the end of days has finally arrived?


Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor wears some stylish motorcycle goggles in the 12th season of Doctor Who.

Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Welcome to Paris 1943

It looks like the Tardis will land in Paris in 1943, when France was occupied by Nazi Germany during World War II. This will also show what's happening with the French resistance, which eventually helps liberate France from the Nazis. Not for the first time, there's a chance the Doctor and her companions will come across Nazis.

More famous guest stars

In addition to Fry, the actors Goran Visnjic (ER), Robert Glenister (Paranoid) and Lenny Henry (Broadchurch) will serve as guest stars for the new season.

"I first appeared in Doctor Who in The Caves of Androzani at the tender age of 24 in 1984," Glenister told the BBC on Nov. 23. "Thirty-five years later, I got to be in it again at the not-so-tender age of nearly 60. How time flies!"

Doctor Who ended its 11th season in late 2018 with the highest ratings in a decade for the show. The new season of Doctor Who will air on BBC and BBC America on Jan. 1.

All other seasons of Doctor Who will be streaming exclusively on HBO Max in 2020, when WarnerMedia's new streaming service launches.

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