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Disney's The Lion King remake gets roarsome first trailer

Yasss King, watch the throne.

Walt Disney Studios

Disney has dropped the first look at the all-CGI Lion King remake and damn, that fur looks fine!

The teaser trailer flashes images of Simba's anointing ceremony and features the familiar orotund voice of James Earl Jones' Mufasa, lecturing his son about everything the light touches. It also gives a brief look at the stampede and then just punches you in the nostalgic heart with the familiar opening refrain from "The Circle of Life".

I wore The Lion King VHS out back in the '90s so I am qualified to say this: It looks surprisingly wonderful. However, we only get to hear Mufasa and a nice, big roar -- and the voice acting will make or break this thing.

You can see the full trailer below.

You can watch the throne -- and see Simba take it -- on July 19, 2019.  

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