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Disney embraces (almost) every time The Simpsons poked fun at Disney

In a new compilation video, Disney welcomes the cartoon's Disney gags -- which it now owns.

The Mouse House acquired The Simpsons along with 20th Century Fox last year.

While its viewing figures have waned significantly over the years, The Simpsons never had the almighty marketing power of the Mouse House. Now, with the back catalog's new lodging on Disney Plus, Disney is ramping up promotion of the show's latest episodes, currently airing on Fox.

Disney chose to embrace the "best" Disney references in The Simpsons with a new compilation video. Clips include Homer playing Frozen's Olaf, Homer playing one of the seven dwarfs, Homer eating Ariel's singing fish friends and a product placement for Homer's favorite beer on a Disneyland ride.

A few references were omitted, including a couch gag featuring Homer as Baloo from Jungle Book and a scene where Principal Skinner beats Disney lawyers to a pulp after they attempt to sue him for copyright infringement.

But rest assured, Disney isn't complaining about the 30-year-old cartoon's new home on its streaming platform. Disney absorbed 20th Century Fox last year and renewed the show for a 31st and 32nd season (after signs it would be canceled), with the latter set to start airing at the end of the year.

Whether this new odd couple can raise viewing figures remains to be seen. The show hit its highest average of viewers per episode (14.7 million) during its 12th season, airing from 2000 to 2001. That number has since dwindled over the years to an average of 3.7 million per episode in its 30th season on Fox, finishing 126th in overall television rankings for the year.

You can stream every episode from the first 30 seasons of The Simpsons (with one exception) on Disney Plus.