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Deion 'Coach Prime' Sanders Docuseries Coming to Amazon Prime Video on Dec. 29

The Hall of Famer has a new job as a college coach.

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deion sanders stand next to one of his football players

Coach Prime is set to start Dec. 29.

Amazon Studios

Deion Sanders, known best for being a two-sport athlete in the '90s, in both the MLB and NFL, took on a new career in coaching at Jackson State University in 2020. Since then he's turned around the university's football program and will now have his own docuseries on Amazon Prime Video starting on Dec. 29. 

Coach Prime, a take on Sanders' career nickname of "Prime Time," is a four-part series documenting the Jackson State University 2022 football season, when the team went 12-0. The show will look at the team's practices, games, time in the locker room and interaction with the community throughout the season. 

After retiring from his Pro Football Hall of Fame career in 2006, Sanders became an NFL analyst for the NFL Network. He did some coaching for the Prime Prep Academy, a school he co-founded, in the mid-2010s. In 2020, he became the coach of the Jackson State Tigers and won back-to-back Southwestern Athletic Conference championships, in 2021 and 2022. 

With a 27-5 career coaching record, Sanders took a job to be the head coach of the University of Colorado Boulder Buffaloes in 2023. This sparked a controversy in the college football world due to Sanders heading for a bigger football program and leaving behind Jackson State, which is one of the largest Historic Black Colleges and Universities. 

Coach Prime is set to premiere on Prime Video on Dec. 29 with the first two episodes.

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