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Chris Pratt Voices Mario in Super Mario Bros. Trailer, and Fans Don't Love It

Where's-a Mario?

Mario's back is seen as he stares down a colorful Mushroom Kingdom street, with Toads wandering around
Mario doesn't sound like Mario in the new movie teaser trailer.

The much-anticipated teaser trailer for the Super Mario Bros. Movie arrived on Thursday, and naturally, fans had a-many reactions to hearing celeb actors voice the classic video game characters. Jack Black roared as Bowser (he's gonna be great), and Keegan-Michael Key piped up as Toad. But the voice everyone was waiting for was Chris Pratt as Mario, the overalls-wearing plumber who's perhaps the most famous face of video games.

The face was fine -- animated Mario has his mustache, his red cap, his denim overalls. But when fans finally got to hear Pratt speak (he barely said anything) in Mario's voice... well, it sounded like Pratt's. It's understandable he wasn't going to use the "It's-a me, Mario" exaggerated Italian stereotype voice that's so associated with Mario, but could he do something different? Check out the joy in Mario video game voice actor Charles Martinet's voice. Someone noted in the YouTube comments of that video that Martinet has "Robin Williams energy," and that's exactly what Mario needs.

Viewers seemed to agree. One wrote, "Who would have thought that Chris Pratt's big secret voice in the Mario movie would be his normal speaking voice?"

But some people approved of Pratt, arguing that an exaggerated Mario voice wouldn't work for a feature-length film.

"I'm not worried about it," one viewer wrote. "I'd like to hear more of his Mario voice. It does still sound like Chris Pratt, but I heard a hint of Mario in there, too."

Pratt or no Pratt, fans seem enthused about seeing the movie. One fan wrote, "It's kinda sad that everyone was shocked at how amazing it looked because no one thought it was going to be good."

The Super Mario Bros. Movie comes out April 7, 2023.