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Cherry movie trailer shows Tom Holland as a bank-robbing veteran

The Spider-Man star plays a former soldier with a drug habit in the new movie from the Russo brothers.

Tom Holland's performance in Cherry is "Oscar-worthy," director Joe Russo says.
Twitter/Russo brothers

Fans got a glimpse of Spider-Man in a more serious role on Thursday, when the first trailer for Cherry, starring Tom Holland, came out. The film is based on Nico Walker's novel, and Holland plays a former soldier with PTSD who turns to crime to feed his opioid habit. Walker, who was released from prison in 2019, based the book on his own life.

in the Cherry trailer, Holland's character seems just as awkward and lost as Peter Parker, robbing a bank by showing the teller a dollar bill with a message on it, then realizing it's upside-down. The trailer focuses on the post-traumatic stress disorder he brings home from war, and on the attempts of his girlfriend, played by Ciara Bravo, to help him through it.

Cherry is directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, who released some stills from the film on Wednesday. The Russos have worked with Holland before on Marvel movies, including Avengers: Endgame. Joe Russo recently told that Holland's Cherry performance is "Oscar-worthy."

A short teaser for the film was released earlier in January, showing Holland's character joining the army.

Holland will be seen again as Spider-Man/Peter Parker in the third film in that series, which Marvel Studios' president Kevin Feige is calling Homecoming 3. That film is scheduled for a December release. He'll also appear this year as video game hero Nathan Drake in July's Uncharted, and in the sci-fi film Chaos Walking in March.

Cherry comes to theaters on Feb. 26 and to Apple TV on March 12.