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Razzie Awards proves Cats was truly the worst movie of 2019

The Razzie Awards ceremony was cancelled due to coronavirus, but Cats still won for Worst Picture, Screenplay, Director and more.

Victoria, played by Francesca Hayward.

The movie Cats not only haunted us in theaters in 2019, but it also made a big impression at this year's Razzie Awards, which honors the worst of cinematic under-achievements.

Cats won six awards in total: Worst Picture, Worst Supporting Actor (James Corden) and Worst Supporting Actress (Rebel Wilson). It also took out Worst Screen Combo, Worst Screenplay and Worst Director for Tom Hooper.

Considered a "disasterpiece" of a movie by CNET's own reviewer Jennifer Bisset, the CGI-heavy movie reimagining of the popular Broadway musical Cats did not fare well with fans wanting to see singing felines on the big screen.

Cats wasn't the only movie to get a Razzie. Rambo: Last Blood won for Worst Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel as well as the award for Worst Reckless Disregard for Human Life and Public Property.

Actor John Travolta won Worst Actor for two movies -- The Fanatic and Trading Paint. Hilary Duff won Worst Actress for The Haunting of Sharon Tate. On a positive note actor Eddie Murphy won the Razzie Redeemer Award for Dolemite Is My Name

The Razzies normally announces winners during its annual awards show, but since worries over spreading the coronavirus cancelled the public ceremony, the organizers posted "a bit more intimate video, suitable for viewing by any audience currently in lock-down mode" for those who want to watch instead.