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BTS taking a break: Band plans 'official extended period of rest'

But the Korean super group will focus on a new chapter, with new music to come.

BTS needs a rest.
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Hugely popular South Korean band BTS is taking a break. In a statement issued Sunday, the group's management team, Big Hit Music, said members are planning an "official extended period of rest" after an exhausting 2020 and 2021.

"This period of rest will provide the members of BTS, who have tirelessly committed themselves to their activities, a chance to get re-inspired and recharge with creative energy," the statement read. "It will also be the first time for them since their debut to spend the holiday season with their families."

But the statement gave fans something to look forward to.

"During their period of rest, BTS will be focusing on preparing for the concert and release of the new album that will mark the beginning of a 'new chapter,'" the statement read.

In September, the group spoke at the United Nations in New York, and also shared a new video of their song Permission to Dance, which was filmed at the UN. They were introduced there by South Korea's President Moon Jae In.

The group's second English-language single, Butter, ruled Billboard's songs of summer chart for 2021.