'Bridgerton' Season 2: Everything to Remember Before Watching

Before heading into season 2 of the Netflix period drama, here's everything you need to remember from season 1.

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Bridgerton ANthony

Anthony Bridgerton, ready to go for season 2.


The Bridgerton family is back on Netflix for another round of Regency-era, high-society romantic drama, narrated by the mysterious gossip writer Lady Whistledown. Season 1 launched in 2020 on Netflix , which means it's been a solid minute since we've seen the Bridgertons, Featheringtons and all their known associates, furrowing brows in expensive, custom-made clothes.

While season 2 zeroes in on the oldest son, Anthony, as he searches for a wife, here's a catchup on where most of the main characters stood at the end of season 1. Hopefully it'll keep you from fidgeting in your corset, trying to remember which fluffy haired Bridgerton boy is Colin, and -- oh yeah -- what was Lady Whistledown's real identity?

What happened to Daphne and Simon?

While the rocky romance of Daphne and Simon, the Duke of Hastings, was the focus of the first season, the couple sadly won't feature as prominently in season 2. In fact, Regé-Jean Page isn't even in the cast this time around. 

Nevertheless, when season 1 left off, the pair had gone through several ups and downs, pretending to be interested in each other, becoming panic-engaged after getting caught alone in a garden (oh la la), discovering they were *cough* actually very interested in each other and falling out again when Daphne learned Simon lied about not being able to have kids. Finally, they reconciled and had a baby together, which also brought Daphne back into the Bridgerton orbit in London.

What's Anthony's dating history? 

In the first season, Anthony is the frustrating oldest brother, scaring away Daphne's suitors early on. His own romantic affairs are pretty complicated. Anthony had a long-running affair with an opera singer named Siena Rosso. But class structure being what it was, there was no way they were ever able to be anything more. So Anthony breaks things off, only later to regret the decision and try to start things back up. Toward the end of the season, he asks Siena to a ball under the reasoning that between the fact he's a viscount and his sister is now a duchess, he could get away with being out and about in society with her. But when he arrives at her place, there's another guy there, and Siena tells him to let her go. This breakup, if you can call it that, leaves Anthony resolute to find himself a wife.

What about other Bridgerton siblings, Benedict and Eloise?

Benedict is the second oldest Bridgerton son. He, like his sister Eloise, chafes at the societal constraints that come with being in the upper class. He wants to be an artist, and during an art show, meets painter Henry Granville, who invites him to his studio. Over the course of the season, Benedict discovers something of a bohemian scene playing out at Granville's. He gets involved with Genevieve Delacroix, a dressmaker he met at the studio.

Eloise, meanwhile, spends a good chunk of her time wishing she had the freedoms afforded to men and trying to figure out who Lady Whistledown is. At one point, she mistakenly thinks it's Genevieve. Little does she know the real Lady Whistledown is much closer than she imagines.

What's Lady Whistledown real identity?

For the entire season, London high society is caught up in the mystery of the identity of Lady Whistledown, a person with an uncanny inside knowledge of the personal lives of the elite who writes a gossip pamphlet, pseudonymously. 

In the last episode, it's revealed that Lady Whistledown is none other than Penelope Featherington, one of the young women who made her debut into society that year. Penelope harbors a crush on the third oldest Bridgerton son, Colin, but spent the season watching him turn his attention elsewhere. She's good friends with Eloise Bridgerton, and befriends Marina Thompson, a pregnant cousin staying with the family. Marina also happens to be the object of Colin's aforementioned attention -- he proposes to her, unaware that she's pregnant. (Marina, who got pregnant by a guy named George, exits at the end of the season. It turns out George died and his brother proposed as a way of righting the situation.) Perhaps that leaves potential for a Penelope and Colin matchup in the future. Still, there are rocky times ahead for the Featheringtons after Penelope's father dies, likely because of some foul play born of his gambling problem. 

Season 2 of Bridgerton streams on Netflix March 25.

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