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'Breaking Bad' meets Mario Brothers in anniversary video

Game on! All the bloody highlights of AMC's classic drama get relived in a fast-paced side-scrolling animation.

The iconic AMC show "Breaking Bad," considered by some critics the best TV show of all time, premiered 10 years ago this week. AMC Espana celebrated the anniversary with a side-scrolling video-game-style video racing through the show's five seasons in just over a minute. Walter White even performs a Mario Brothers jump.

The video's obviously full of spoilers if you haven't seen the show (but come on, it's been off the air since 2013). If you're a fan, it's a fun, full-speed-ahead reminder of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul's methy masterpiece. Paul even gave the video a nod on Twitter. 

From the bloody acid bath in the show's second episode to Gus Fring's uh, split personality, the video hits almost all of the highlights.