Baywatch: The Documentary will bring 1990s kids back to the beach

You'll soon be seeing those iconic red swimsuits again.

Gael Cooper
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Gael Cooper
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Documentaries often dive deep into important parts of our history, from World War II battles to famous crimes. But one upcoming documentary feature will examine a far lighter part of American history: the cultural impact of TV's Baywatch.

Yes, Baywatch, the 1989-2001 TV drama about beautiful and hunky lifeguards in red swimsuits, is getting the documentary treatment, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

THR says filmmakers Matthew Felker and Brian Corso are making Baywatch: The Documentary, and will interview some of the show's biggest stars for the film, including David Hasselhoff and Nicole Eggert

"I was coming of age when Baywatch was at its peak, so the Baywatch history is, in a lot of ways, also my history," Felker told the magazine, adding that he actually became an open-water lifeguard because of the show.

But wasn't the show best known for hot bods in tight red suits? Is that really documentary-worthy?

"People were snobby about Baywatch; they treated it as a guilty pleasure, or something they weren't into or proud of," Felker said. "But at the same time it had an insane amount of reach and following." He points out that the show helped start Jason "Aquaman" Momoa's career, and included such now-big-name stars as Mila Kunis and Sofia Vergara in guest-star roles. 

Maybe a documentary take is the best way to revisit Baywatch -- the 2017 big-screen film, which starred Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, received five Golden Raspberry nominations in that worst-film competition.

The filmmakers hope to begin filming in August or September, the site reports.

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