Batman's Batmobile revs up for its own series, because kids dig Cars

Batwheels hits the road on Cartoon Network and HBO Max.

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Meet Bam, the new Batmobile.

Warner Bros

The Batmobile is hitting the road without Batman in its own cartoon about the heroic vehicles from DC Comics.

The show is called Batwheels, and it's set to be an animated preschool series from Warner Bros, Animation for Cartoon Network and streaming service HBO Max . In the show, cartoony versions of Batman's Bat-garage of vehicles are brought to life by the Batcomputer to fight crime, like a superhero version of Pixar's endlessly popular Cars movies and TV shows. 

The Batmobile is named Bam in this version, and it's leading a street-legal superhero team comprising Bibi (Batgirl's motorcycle), Red (Robin's vehicle the Redbird), Jett (the Batwing) and Buff (the, er, Bat Truck...?). 

Batman, Robin and human friends will be featured. But honestly, if you count Joker, Gotham, Pennyworth, Batwoman, Birds of Prey and the forthcoming Gotham PD cop show, it seems the only sure thing about a Batman movie or TV show is that Batman won't be the star. We can't even rely on the actual next Batman movie to deliver the dark knight to our screens any time soon, as the Robert Pattinson-starring film has been delayed until 2022.

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