Back to the Future fans get new toys to celebrate the iconic movie at 35

Doc and Marty and their DeLorean time machine are part of the new Playmobil toy set, out May 15.

This Back to the Future Playmobil set has everything a fan could want to react scenes from the 1985 movie. 

When time travel sci-fi film Back to the Future first came out in 1985 it was a huge hit, but at the time, there wasn't much movie merchandise for fans to collect. Now to celebrate the movie's 35th anniversary, fans can finally get their hands on a new Back to the Future toy set from Playmobil that includes the DeLorean time machine and cute figures of Marty and Doc. 

Back to the Future starred Michael J. Fox as music-loving teen Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd as eccentric scientist Dr. "Doc" Emmett Brown. Marty accidentally gets into the DeLorean car time machine and ends up back in 1955, so he enlists the help of a younger version of Doc to help him return to 1985.


Playmobil's Back to the Future set come with Doc, Marty, Doc's dog Einstein, his DeLorean car time machine and a lot of accessories. 


The new Back to the Future set comes  with an impressively detailed DeLorean car time machine model that has gull-wing style doors that open, dashboard circuits, a plutonium chamber, an OUTATIME California license plate, and even the Delorean DMC emblem logo for the front grille of the car.

The DeLorean car model uses batteries to light up both the outside of the car and the flux capacitor that makes the machine travel through time. The car's wheels can fold down so the DeLorean looks like it can fly.


The DeLorean time machine from Playmobil lights up and comes with a flux capacitor. 


The set also comes with Marty McFly, Dr. "Doc" Emmett Brown and Doc's sheepdog, Einstein. Marty is dressed in his red puffy coat vest and Doc wears a white jumpsuit. There are additional accessories as seen in the movie such as a skateboard, a retro camcorder and a miniature case of radioactive plutonium.

The complete set retails for $50 (about £41, AU$77) and hits stores on May 15. 


Here's Marty and Doc in their 1955 outfits.


Playmobil also sells additional figures of Marty and Doc figures wearing their 1955 outfits for $8 (about £7, AU$13). The separate figure set also comes with a Save the Clock Tower flyer and a red electric guitar.

While these toys aren't exactly movie realistic -- Playmobil sets are made for younger kids ages of 4 to 12 -- the set is still pretty fun for fans of any age.

Plus, it looks like Playmobil isn't the only company releasing new Back to the Future toys. Since 2020 is the 35th anniversary of the film, fans might be getting an influx of new merchandise. NECA now has the license to create new Back to the Future action figures and collectibles, as does Funko Pop Toys. Funko is even releasing a Back to the Future board game, which CNET revealed in February.