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Back to the Future gets a new Funko board game for its 35th anniversary

Funko Games also revealed Godzilla and Pan Am games at Toy Fair 2020.

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Great Scott! Back to the Future: Back in Time recreates the events of the first movie.

Funko Games

The Mandalorian's Baby Yoda isn't the only pop culture icon at New York's Toy Fair 2020. You'll be able to jump back to 1955 with a Back to the Future board game this summer, to celebrate the movie's 35th anniversary, Funko Games revealed Friday.

Co-op game Back to the Future: Back in Time invites two to four players to take on the roles of Marty McFly, Doc Brown, Jennifer Parker and loyal pup Einstein and recreate the events of the movie. You have to beat perpetual butthead Biff Tannen and his gang, make sure Marty's parents fall in love (especially since the alternative would see Marty kiss his mother before vanishing from existence) and get Doc's DeLorean to hit 88 mph so you can get back… to the future.

Each game should last about 50 minutes, it costs $30 and comes out in June. While you wait, you can listen to the Huey Lewis and the News song from the movie.

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The company also showed Godzilla: Tokyo Clash and Pam Am. Both are strategy games for two to four players, with the former about destroying cities and the other about building a global business empire while competing against the iconic airline (which went bust in 1991). These $35 board games both hit shelves in June.

If you want to play with up to six players, Funko Games also revealed co-op monster-battling game Last Defense and 1970s musician roleplayer Yacht Rock, which cost $20 and $17 respectively. Both are out in August.

The existing Funkoverse strategy game series, which already includes Harry Potter, DC Comics and Golden Girls characters, is adding figures from Jurassic Park and the anime series Aggretsuko. 

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Funko's Baby Yoda unboxed ahead of Toy Fair 2020

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