Baby Yoda Lego set builds The Mandalorian's cute Star Wars child

The new Star Wars Lego The Child set has an adjustable head, ears and mouth for maximum cuteness, apart from all the SNOT.

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Build your own Baby Yoda.


How do you make a baby Yoda? With Lego bricks, of course. Lego has officially unveiled Lego Star Wars The Child, a new set based on The Mandalorian.

Although better known as Baby Yoda, the Child is the official name for the super-cute green youngling from the Disney Plus series, which just bagged a bunch of Emmy awards. Whatever you call it, you'll see the little green cutey again in Season 2 of the The Mandalorian premiering Oct. 30.

Standing at 20cm (7.8 inches) in height, the Child is made up of 1,073 pieces and has a posable head, movable ears and  adjustable mouth. Baby Yoda's arms and robe attach to the sides of the model using the SNOT technique (that's "studs not on top," as serious Lego-heads will know). You also get a bonus Baby Yoda minifig with the set. The US price is $80, and the UK price is £70.


The Child Lego set comes with adjustable face and ears. 


The Child set goes on sale from Oct. 30, with preorders starting today as part of Disney's Mando Mondays merchandise program. Other products announced today include a Mandalorian-themed Polaroid Now instant camera.

Here's the official trailer for The Mandalorian season 2:

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