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This Baby Yoda cake is too cute to eat

"Eat you, I will." This Star Wars darling wins over hearts... and stomachs.

This Baby Yoda cake created by Natalie Sideserf of Austin's Sideserf Cakes seems too realistic to stab with a fork.
Video screenshot by CNET

The Mandalorian's break-out star -- officially called The Child and nicknamed Baby Yoda -- is everywhere. Fans have been using Baby Yoda animated GIFs on social media and buying T-shirts with the cute green creature.

Now fans can appreciate Baby Yoda in an even sweeter way. 

Natalie Sideserf, founder of Sideserf Cakes in Austin, Texas, posted a video tutorial on Monday showing how she turned Baby Yoda into dessert.

She uses baked cake rounds, vanilla buttercream, ivory and light green modeling chocolate, and food coloring. But the most impressive part of the cake are Baby Yoda's deep dark eyes that she creates using edible paper and gelatin. 

Watching the video, Sideserf makes it look easy to create Baby Yoda's body, head and even his expressive facial features by using a stencil, a bamboo skewer, a knife and various sculpting tools. (As everyone knows, though, it takes a true expert and artist to pull this off.)

Soon enough the cake, chocolate and icing look like Baby Yoda. 


Watch out, Baby Yoda!

Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

"I don't want to cut this one," Sideserf says in the video. "Usually my favorite part is cutting the cake. But for this cake it's so adorable that I'm having a really hard time. Eat you, I will." 

Poor Baby Yoda gets stabbed and sliced, exposing the cake layers and icing. 

You can see Baby Yoda (not in cake form) on The Mandalorian on Disney Plus