Avengers: Infinity War Thor scene crackles in Lego form

God of Lego.

Spoilers ahead! Step away from this article if you haven't seen Avengers: Infinity War yet.

In Avengers: Infinity War, a  movie full of pivotal, dramatic moments, one of the most impactful happens when Thor arrives at Wakanda, crackling with energy and ready to lay a hurting on the battle scene. It's the sort of moment that can make an entire theater full of people cheer. 

YouTube user Huxley Berg Studios took that scene and turned it into a stop-motion Lego masterpiece.

The video captures the kinetic action and danger of the sequence before and after Thor lands with his Guardians of the Galaxy buddies Groot and Rocket Raccoon in tow. His new anti-Thanos weapon, Stormbreaker, spits out energy.

Huxley Berg is a self-taught Lego wizard who's currently working on a Kickstarter-funded frame-by-frame Lego stop-motion re-creation of the Deadpool movie. He describes the stop-motion work as a "grueling slow process." 

We don't get to see the hours of labor that went into the Infinity War scene, but we do get to enjoy the heart-pounding results. Berg shows just how expressive a collection of plastic toys and a little additional computer animation can be.