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Avatar: The Legend of Korra is coming to Netflix

Aang's successor has joined him on the streaming platform.

Avatar Korra
Avatar: The Legend of Korra is coming to Netflix.
Screenshot by Corinne Reichert/CNET

Netflix said Tuesday that it's adding Avatar: The Legend of Korra to its streaming platform on Aug. 14. Korra is landing on Netflix just a couple of months behind Avatar: The Last Airbender, which joined Netflix in May. All four seasons of the show are already available on CBS All Access if you want to watch it now, however. (ViacomCBS owns CBS All Access, and is also CNET's parent company.) It's also available on Amazon Prime Video.

The show aired from 2012 to 2014 on Nickelodeon and then, and follows Aang's successor as avatar, Korra, and her companions Mako, Asami and Bolin. It also sees some return appearances by original characters Katara, Toph and Zuko.

Set 70 years after the original series, 17-year-old Korra is learning to master the bending of all four elements: water, earth, fire and air. It's set mostly in Republic City, the capital of a new nation founded by Aang after the events of the first series. 

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Netflix is also rebooting Avatar: The Last Airbender as a live-action series, with original co-creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko on board. The live-action series was announced in 2018, with no word yet on a cast or launch date.