Watch These 9 Classic 'Doctor Who' Adventures, Streaming Now

As Doctor Who celebrates its anniversary, all 26 seasons of the classic sci-fi series are available to stream. Here's where to start.

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Tom Baker as Doctor Who
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Tom Baker as Doctor Who

Tom Baker tackles the Daleks in TV classic Doctor Who, now available online.


Doctor Who celebrates its anniversary Nov. 23, and turns 60 in 2023. To get in the mood for the big anniversary year -- in which David Tennant returns to the lead role -- you can find every episode of the classic show streaming online.

The revived version of Doctor from 2005 to the present is available on HBO Max, while Tennant's new episodes will be on the BBC in the UK and Disney Plus elsewhere. But the first 26 seasons of Doctor Who, spanning the first to seventh Doctors, are available on streaming service Britbox (like Netflix for classic and recent British telly).

If you were intrigued by the emotional return of former Doctor Who stars in recent episodes starring Jodie Whittaker, then check out the original series. Doctor Who began way back on Nov. 23, 1963, and was an instant hit. With an innovative sci-fi twist refreshing the cast every few years, the program ran until December 1989. After 10 years away it was resurrected by the BBC, and in the internet age grew to become a worldwide phenomenon. Here's our pick of the stories you need to watch to help get you in the mood for the big anniversary.

Watch These 9 Classic 'Doctor Who' Adventures on Britbox

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This isn't a definitive list of the very best Doctor Who stories, of course. Put any two fans together and that argument would rage until the sun goes supernova and consumes the Earth (which would probably come as a relief by that point).

Instead, I've picked a mix of great episodes. Some are milestones in the show's history, like An Unearthly Child. Some introduce you to aliens who return in the new series, like The Tenth Planet or The Curse of Peladon. And some, like Remembrance of the Daleks, are just a whole lot of fun.

This is just a small taste of classic Who. There's loads more to enjoy, and Britbox has made it easy for you with handy themed playlists. Run by UK broadcasters ITV and the BBC, the service is also home to British classic programs including Red Dwarf, Blackadder, Eastenders and Emmerdale.

Right, that should keep you busy until Doctor Who materializes again.

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