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5 ways 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' reveals Marvel's movie future

The Avengers' next steps are sprinkled all over Peter Parker's solo debut.

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" may be a joint effort between Disney's Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, but it's as tightly wrapped into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as any of the other films. 

The movie is chock-full of hints that set up the next several films, including through 2019's currently untitled Avengers film. We've pointed out five things that will get you thinking about the next several Marvel movies, and yes, SPOILER ALERT as we definitely will discuss plot points from "Homecoming" and other MCU titles.

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1. Marvel's movie timeline is getting loaded up

Up until now, the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have seemed to take place more or less in the year they came out (with the exception of "Captain America: The First Avenger"). "Homecoming," however, suggests this is ending by proclaiming that eight years have passed since the "Avengers" film from 2012.

Further throwing off the real-time motif is the scheduling for the next Spider-Man film, which Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has told io9 will take place after 2019's currently untitled Avengers film and will feature Peter Parker's junior year of high school.

So why the fuss? Well, barring any further timeline adjustments, the next six Marvel films are likely taking place over the course of one year. These superheroes are gonna be busy.

2. Tony Stark is ready to settle down

The self-declared "genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist" is making a life change and might be on his way out of the Iron Man suit. In a surprise cameo, Gwyneth Paltrow's Pepper Potts pops right into the end of "Homecoming" asking Stark for a backup plan for what was going to be the reveal of Spider-Man joining the Avengers. Instead, Stark decides to use the conference to ask his on-again, off-again girlfriend to tie the knot.

The timing is especially notable as the current phase of Marvel movies winds down, and the studio may need to sunset some characters in order make way for new heroes in future movies. What better happy ending than to have Tony and Pepper together, perhaps flying away from all the super-powered drama? 


These superhero costumes have to cost money, right?


3. Steve Rogers has a side job

When he isn't saving lives (or being a fugitive -- the videos were evidently made before the events of "Civil War"), Steve Rogers is apparently a voice of education. Parker and his best friend Ned are forced to watch a variety of educational films featuring the first Avenger. When you attend a high school gym class or get thrown in detention, there's a matching Captain America film to watch.

While hilarious, it also peels back a side of the Avengers that isn't given much attention... how the heck any of these superheroes make money to pay the rent. We've seen Paul Rudd's Scott Lang work at Baskin Robbins during "Ant Man," and Tony Stark is just plain rich, but what has Nick Fury been doing for work since the fall of SHIELD in "Captain America: Winter Soldier"? 

Personally, I hope Black Widow and Hawkeye run a side detective business with their skills.

4. The cleanup crew is here

While mentioned in other Marvel movies, the Department of Damage Control finally makes its first in-person appearance in "Homecoming." This is a Tony Stark- and federal government-owned crew that oversees the cleanup of giant superhero battles. 

There was chatter in 2015 of a Damage Control-focused television series, but instead it wouldn't be surprising to see this group pop up in the wake of the action in the next few Marvel films.

5. The next Spider-Man could be out there somewhere

The Spider-Man comics now have two web-slinging heroes that share the mantle, the classic Peter Parker and the younger Miles Morales. And "Homecoming" strongly hints at this possibility when criminal Aaron Davis (Donald Glover) mentions he has a nephew, who in the comics turns out to be Morales. 

Feige confirmed the reference in an interview with IGN, saying that the movie wanted to imply that he is out there somewhere. However, while Morales will be the star of a 2018 animated Spider-Man movie, Feige said it's currently unknown if or when the character will show up in the MCU.

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