Duuude! High There is like Tinder for tokers

Are you down with Mary Jane? A new smartphone app called High There helps like-minded cannabis lovers connect with new friends and potential dates.

Anthony Domanico
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Anthony Domanico
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High There's a new app that helps potheads connect. Michael Franco/CNET

Do you love cannabis but find that your hobby is interfering with your love life? A new smartphone app called High There might just bring the love connection you're looking for -- if you live in a location that allows it.

High There was created by Todd Mitchem, a self-proclaimed marijuana lover in Denver who was sick of dates abruptly losing interest when they learned about his love of cannabis. "I hated dating on other sites and apps because as soon as the idea of my cannabis consumption came up -- date over," Mitchem told Fast Company. "I actually walked out of a date (after paying of course) and said to myself, that's it." So, Mitchem created High There, which is currently available for free on Android and coming soon to iOS pending Apple's approval.

High There could best be described as Tinder for pot lovers, as it lets users tap through profiles of other cannabis users to connect with people they're interested in. After entering some basic information, like what you're in the mood for and how you like to enjoy marijuana (e.g., do you want to vape or smoke? are you lazy or high-energy while high?), High There links you with profiles of like-minded cannabis lovers. Tap the "connect" button to connect with someone, and pass on those you aren't interested in connecting with by tapping "next."

Mitchem says High There was designed for more than just dating, though, citing cancer patients needing support or connecting with like-minded buddies to talk about life and weed. But, in reality, most people will probably use it for finding love connections, especially if Google Play store comments like "where are the hot chicks like Lindsey" and "[you should] rename the app SAUSAGE FEST" are any indication.

Those interested in the US-only app should check out their state's marijuana laws before downloading, however, as the app only works in the 23 states (plus D.C.) where marijuana is either fully legal or legal for medicinal use.

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