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Puffco Peak: $380

April 20 is an unofficial holiday for celebrating all things weed, pot, marijuana, cannabis, ganja, chronic, 420, mary jane and reefer-related. Gear up with gadgets, a fancy stash jar and even a CBD hamburger.

The Puffco Peak is a concentrate vaporizer for modern times. It heats up fast, has four heat settings and is equipped with a smart feature that adjusts heat times if the bowl is still hot. It also has an LED light band and haptic feedback. All of these fancy features come at a price. The Peak costs $380 (£291, AU$530). Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of products featured in this gallery.    

See at Puffco.

Originally published April 19, 2014.   
Update, April 17, 2019: Adds lots more gear. 

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UFO pipe: $9

Take your toking to the stars with a UFO-shaped novelty pipe from Grasscity. It doesn't come with a carb hole, but it's really more about the looks anyway. One reviewer describes it as "easily capable of being disguised as a shelf piece or ornament." That's a bonus for people looking for a pipe to blend in with their nerdy decor.

See at Grasscity

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Weed leaf pool float: $34.95

If a good high makes you feel like you're floating, imagine what adding an actual pool float to the experience might do. This OMG Toy Company float is shaped like a giant marijuana leaf, perfect for your next vacation to Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington or any other state with legal weed. Or you can just float in it longingly in a place where pot is still banned. 

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Updated:Caption:Photo:Amazon/OMG Toy Company
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Toker Poker: $7.95

You no longer have to rely on the bottom edge of your lighter to push the pot down into the bowl of your pipe. The Toker Poker lighter sleeve comes with a poker, a tamper and a place to wrap your hemp wick. Toker Poker starts at $7.95 (£6, AU$11).

See at Toker Poker

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Updated:Caption:Photo:Toker Poker
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Pokemon Pokeball Grinder: $11.50

If your idea of catching 'em all involves different strains of kush, you'll want to pulverize your pot in a Pokeball-shaped grinder. It's designed for "herbs and spices." You know, in case you need to crush some oregano or sage.

See at Amazon. 

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Updated:Caption:Photo:Amazon/Kobra Products
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Pax 3 smart vaporizer: $212.49

Yes, there's even an app for that. The $212.49 (£163, AU$296) Pax 3 vaporizer works with an iOS and Android app to let you customize your vape sessions through temperature control. It can also lock your vaporizer to keep unauthorized tokers out. 

See at Pax

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Updated:Caption:Photo:Tyler Lizenby/CNET
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Smell-proof backpack: $89.95

Take your stash and your pot-smoking gear with you and stay under the radar at the same time with the $89.95 (£70, AU$125) Black Rock Originals smell-proof backpack. It's carbon lined with a charcoal filter that sucks up the dank stank so your bong, pipe and bud can be your traveling companions. Black Rock also makes a smaller stash case and a carryall.

See at Black Rock Originals

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Updated:Caption:Photo:Black Rock Originals
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Stash jar, upgraded: $15.99

This $15.99 (£12, AU$22) Honeypuff stash jar does more than just keep your weed safe, it also keeps tabs on your herb's condition with a built-in thermometer and hydrometer on the lid. It advertises a "smell-proof seal." 

See at Amazon

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Shine gold rolling papers: $20

Trade the bong for some bling with these Shine rolling papers made from 24K edible gold on a hemp-blend base. A two pack will cost you $20 (£15, AU$28), but that's just the price of turning a normal joint into something worthy of a James Bond villain.

See at Shine

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High Ball: Starts at $20

High Ball is an as-yet-unfunded electronic game on Kickstarter designed to be played when you're high. The gadget consists of a colorful ball covered in LED lights. To play on "high" mode, you have to move a particular color light to the top of the ball, with less and less time to do it. The game's "really high" mode mainly involves looking at all the pretty colors.

Keep in mind that not all crowdfunding projects deliver on time and as promised. The pledge price for a High Ball starts at $20 (£15, AU$28).

See on Kickstarter

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Updated:Caption:Photo:High Concepts
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MagicalButter: $189.95

The MagicalButter machine takes all the labor out of infusing butters and oils with cannabis. The kitchen gadget plugs in and heats your ingredients to the proper temperature for a set period of time. If you're looking for inspiration, the MagicalButter site offers recipes for everything from "magical tincture" to "heavenly hazelnut spread." The starter pack costs $189.95 (£146, AU$265) .

See at MagicalButter

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Otto automatic grinder: $130

Hand off the chore of grinding and rolling your own to Otto, a $130 (£100, AU$181) gadget from Banana Bros. that automates the whole process. "Whether your material is sticky, moist, dry or full of stems, it grinds and fills a perfect cone every time at the touch of a button," the company says. 

See at Otto

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Updated:Caption:Photo:Banana Bros.
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Cannabis Rex speaker: $90

Replacement speakers for guitar and bass amps crafted with hemp cones have been lauded for their tone. The Eminence Patriot Cannabis Rex not only rocks a great name, it's racked up good reviews, as well. 

The tone has been described as "smokey smooth," nudge, nudge, wink, wink. This 50-watt workhorse costs around $90 (about £69, AU$125). Install it in your amp and you'll be able to tell everyone the secret to your sound is hemp.

See at Eminence

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Snoopify app: Free

Sometimes, Instagram just isn't weird enough. If that's the case, you need to jump on the sticker bandwagon and alter your photos with the free Snoopify app for Android and iOS. Take a picture and start embellishing it by adding Snoop himself, a disco ball, crazy glasses, silly suits, or a cartoon doobie.

See for iOS. See for Android

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Updated:Caption:Photo:Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET
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Kestrel EV car made from hemp

Back in 2010, Canadian automotive design firm Motive Industries unveiled the concept for the Kestrel EV, a compact electric car with a very unusual feature: a body built from a biocomposite material derived from hemp. The company has since disappeared into obscurity. Not even its website exists anymore, but the Kestrel idea lives on in the hearts of hopeful hemp lovers everywhere.

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Updated:Caption:Photo:Motive Industries
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Yahookah, the computer pipe: $4

Few times have the worlds of smoking and geekery collided so successfully as they have with the Yahookah, a desktop computer modded into a pipe. An Instructables for the project places the cost to build it at $4, if you already have a dead desktop or file server lying around and some spare aquarium parts. 

It uses a ceramic bowl from a local smoke shop, a piece of acrylic fashioned into a reservoir, an aquarium pump, aquarium tubing, and some embellishments to fancy it up. And, yes, it really works.

See at Instructables

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Bonus: Carl's Jr. CBD burger

Now that you've got the munches, it's time to investigate the Carl's Jr. Rocky Mountain High Cheese Burger Delight made with a CBD-infused sauce. The fast-food chain is offering it only on April 20, 2019, at a single location in Denver. The CBD oil is a cannabis extract that skips the mind-altering THC found in recreational and medicinal pot. 

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Updated:Caption:Photo:Carl's Jr.
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