Dogs (including Aibo) are predicting the Super Bowl 2019 winner

And they're all picking one winner for some reason...

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Mark Serrels
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Remember that time an octopus somehow started predicting the outcome of World Cup matches with "pinpoint" accuracy? Yeah, me either. It was a long time ago.

But guess what -- dogs are predicting the Super Bowl now. This is a thing that is very much happening on Twitter.

Dogs like Roxie, who chose the Rams.

Or Bud, who also chose the Rams.

Uh... Oakley also chose the Rams, what the hell?

What the hell is going on here? Is it because the Rams are named after rams, which are also an animal? Is this animal solidarity?

Here are some cats fighting. I guess this means cats are choosing the Pats.

But look, the only prediction that really matters, is the choice of the Aibo , our robot dog overlord. 

He chose the Rams. 

In fact, I could only find one goddamn dog who would choose the Rams. Meet Archie. 

Good boy. Who's a good boy?

The Super Bowl airs on Feb. 3 on CBS, CNET's parent company. 

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