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Disney Imagineers have apparently built a little robot Groot

Project Kiwi is about creating a robotic actor that can wander, according to TechCrunch.

This guy exists in real life, in robot form.

Robot is Groot? Guardians of the Galaxy's tree-like being has been recreated in robotic form as part of Disney Imagineering's Project Kiwi, TechCrunch reported Friday. The little Marvel Cinematic Universe guy is around two and a half feet tall and is part of a project that's been running for the last three years.  

It's all about bringing Disney's small characters to life "at their actual scale in authentic ways," project lead Scott LaValley told TechCrunch.

The report emphasizes that Groot is just the character they chose for the prototype, so the robot could end up coming to a Disney park in a different form (Baby Yoda?). Disney also doesn't have any immediate plans to bring any Project Kiwi robots to parks.

Disney didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.