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Darth Santa strikes back at the holidays with young Kylo Ren

Darth Santa's back, and this time he has a helper in his Sith-inspired war on Christmas.

YouTube channel Corridor Digital earned a huge holiday hit last year with more than 8 million views of its "Darth Santa" video depicting Darth Vader engaging in all sorts of petty Christmas mischief. Darth Santa returns just in time to wage battle against the seasonal cheer of 2016, but he's not alone.

The latest video shows Princess Leia hauling a reluctant pint-size Kylo Ren from "The Force Awakens" over to spend a few hours with grandpa for Christmas. Kylo Ren complains Darth Vader "smells funny," but he soon embraces the Dark Side as his grandfather shows him the joys of filling gift boxes with lumps of coal and live scorpions.

As with the previous Darth Santa entry, we get some fun special effects, including a speeder bike ride and the appearance of Kylo Ren's special lightsaber. Darth Vader even gives the greatest Sith-gift of all by summoning the Death Star to destroy a planet. It will warm the Dark Side of any Star Wars fan's heart.