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Darth Santa rides a sleigh of TIE fighters to wreck the holidays

He has a candy cane lightsaber, and he knows how to use it. In this comedy clip, Darth Vader plays evil Santa, bringing the destruction of the dark side of the Force to the holiday season.

This holiday season, it's useless to resist the power of the dark side of the Force. Especially when the dark side is carrying a candy cane lightsaber.

In this comedy clip from YouTube channel CorridorDigital, posted Monday, Darth Vader dons a Santa hat and carries a bag that's almost definitely not filled with toys. Instead of bringing holiday cheer and goodwill, Darth Santa brings only chaos and destruction.

Vader's destruction starts off pretty mild as he dumps coal into a family's stockings and uses the Force to dump a glass of milk on the floor. Then, the dark Lord pulls out his candy cane lightsaber to vandalize a wall with an "Empire for Life" branding, uses Force lightning on a family's dog and knocks over a Christmas tree. Though to be fair, the Christmas tree Vader destroyed had a talking Jar Jar Binks ornament, so it was kind of asking to be destroyed.

Just when you think Vader might still have a little good in him, a cute little Jedi kiddo confronts him and Vader sends the boy crashing into a wall with a little Force push before riding off in a sleigh pulled by a group of TIE fighters.

It seems that even though it's the holidays, there is no good left in Darth Santa. Only a true Jedi Knight can stop the dark lord from destroying the holiday season.