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Crave 26: Ice screens and Oprah things (podcast)

Oprah's giving away iPads, Nokia's developing ice technologies, Netflix offers a streaming-only plan, and Donald updates us on the latest in beer-serving robots.

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This week on Crave, we check out a touch screen from Nokia that's guaranteed to melt, Jasmine gets all up in arms over a belly band, and Oprah shows off an iPad with wings (seriously). Also, Donald's excited by a beerbot that can detect empties, Netflix tempts people to give up DVDs altogether, and Volkswagen debuts a car for little people. To cap it off, an enterprising designer pitches a watch band for the Nano--and overshoots his project funding by a whole heck of a lot. Finally: two delicious items designed to appeal to the fat person inside of all of us.

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Episode 26

-Ice touch screen

-Protect your fetus from radiation

-Oprah Craves the iPad

-Beerbot identifies your empties

-Netflix offers streaming-only for $8

-Little car for little people

-LunaTik takes Nano watch to next level

This is why you're fat
-Soft-pretzel burger

-Escargot lollipop