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Could this iPhone Air concept take flight?

Italian designer Federico Ciccarese has a notion for how Apple could unify its "Air" products. Presumably the iPhone Air would also need to be "unapologetically plastic" to keep the grams down.

Federico Ciccarese iPhone Air concept
Would an iPhone Air suck all the remaining air out of the room?
Ciccarese Design

In the world of industrial design for mobile hardware, there are few names that can compete with the likes of Apple and Jony Ive, but Italian designer Federico Ciccarese has no qualms mocking up his own visions of what he'd like to see the Cupertino cabal make next.

Ciccarese's iWatch concepts have probably been the most intriguing smartwatch designs I've seen anywhere (real or imagined), and his latest effort shows how Apple could unify its "Air" product lines in a way that could really take flight -- by adding an "iPhone Air" to the mix.

With light-as-air notebooks and now the iPad Air in the Apple family, there's reason to believe that fanbois would also line up for an iPhone Air, although Tim Cook and friends would certainly give the iPhone 5S and 5C a few more months to sell.

Ciccarese doesn't provide any details on what might be found inside an iPhone Air, but presumably it would be the lightest and thinnest yet.

Check out the close-up below and let us know in the comments if you think he's onto something.

Federico Ciccarese iPhone Air concept
Ciccarese Design