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Elegant vision of a new iPhone and iWatch (in pictures)

For his concept of future Apple devices, one designer dreams very big. Check out his visions here.

Could the future hold an iWatch running iOS 7 on every wrist? Ciccarese Design

A new Apple smartphone is right around the corner, leaving visions of a brightly colored and even a champagne or gold iPhone dancing in our heads.

Designer Federico Ciccarese takes it one step further. He's come up with a collection of imaginative concepts for the next generation of iProducts, including a curved iPhone with the integrated fingerprint scanner we've been hearing about, and a chunky iWatch that will make even the most self-assured hipsters question their image.

Ciccarese has even gone so far as to have a prototype made in the shape of his iWatch design to prove its feasibility.

While I don't think we'll be seeing any of these visions unveiled by Apple next month, it wouldn't hurt for Jony Ive to take note of the way these concepts push the envelope.

Be sure to scroll all the way through the gallery of Ciccarese's designs below -- you don't want to miss his idea for turning the iPhone into a glove!