Airport seeks lost teddy bear's owner over Facebook

A teddy bear got left behind, but it ended up on an adventure at the Cork Airport rather than in a lost-and-found bin.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Teddy would like to reunite with his person.

Cork Airport

There's a lonely teddy bear at the Cork Airport in Ireland whiling away the hours, just waiting for its person to step forward and claim it. Staff at the airport named the lost bear "Teddy" and are sharing his adventures on the facility's Facebook page. It's a bittersweet journey.

Cork Airport first shared a photo of the stuffed toy on Sunday, writing, "This pink Teddy should have been heading off on a flight earlier today but got separated from his traveling companions." The post asks the toy's owner to contact the airport and notes the bear was given dinner and tea and was relaxing in the lounge.

A follow-up Facebook post on Monday showed the little pink bear sitting on a sign reading, "Help me find my owner!" By this point, Teddy had reached VIP status with the airport employees.

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An update from Tuesday shows the bear with a paw on a piano and includes this plea: "Day 3 at Cork Airport. Teddy has decided to entertain staff and passengers while waiting for his rightful little owner to claim him back. Please share and help us in our efforts to reunite Teddy and owner very soon."

Facebook fans are hoping for a happy ending to Teddy's saga, which seems to be turning into a stuffed-animal version of "The Terminal." The last time a teddy bear got left behind in an airport, it ended up starring in a TSA Instagram post as a cautionary tale.

Cork Airport staff seem determined to get Teddy back to where he belongs. The latest Facebook update from Wednesday shows the bear sporting a bright safety vest in his new job as a baggage handler for Aer Lingus. The airport asks people to continue sharing Teddy's photos in hopes of finding his human friend.

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