CNET UK Podcast 242: Caaaaaan!

We venture into the Dragons' Den with James Caan, and discuss the week's technology news and reviews, from the Nokia N9 to Facebook shootouts and alien invasions.

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Richard Trenholm
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Listen closely: the CNET UK podcast is going to let you in on a secret. A business secret, courtesy of telly business smoothie James Caan. But before we venture into the Dragons' Den, we turn to the serious business of the week's technology news and reviews, from the gym-proofed Sony Ericsson Xperia Active and MeeGo-powered Nokia N9 to Facebook shootouts and alien invasions.

The eagle-eared listener will detect a new subset of vocalisations in the mix as we welcome our newest recruit. Regulars Flora and Rich are joined by new recruit Andy, so fresh from the CNET UK clone pits he's still dripping with nutrient goop and still asking questions like, "Is this what it feels like... to love?"


ICANN approves changes to domain names
MyZeus suggests films from the music you like
Gunman posts to Facebook during armed standoff

In other news, the iPhone is now the most-used camera on Flickr, Nokia gave a glimpse of a Windows Phone, and Apple is rumoured to be considering a black MacBook Air...


Andy: Nokia N9 shows off sleek looks and sad, orphaned MeeGo
Flora: Sony Ericsson Xperia Active
AppBlaster gun uses iPhone game as augmented reality scope to zap aliens

Feature -- Caaaaaaan!

This week we spoke to businesswonk James Caan -- the cool one from the assault course for entrepreneurs that is TV's Dragon's Den. This dragon has a new app called James Caan's Business Secrets, so we asked why he's decided to share his tips in the form of an iPhone app -- and of course, what's his favourite Star Trek movie.


Once more we've opened the floor to your feedback, and once again you haven't disappointed. A discussion of long-gone tech gets us misty-eyed for Rumbelows and the Commodore 64, we reveal that everything we know about dinosaurs we learnt from Jurassic Park, and debate MacBooks, blue hedgehogs and women grunting.

Your feedback fills us with joy so please do say hello in the comments or on our Facebook page at facebook.com/cnetukofficial.


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