CNET Asks: Are there too many video-streaming services?

Video-streaming services have changed the way we enjoy our favorite movies and shows. But are there too many services to choose from?

Nicolas Towner
2 min read

It seems like today everyone is trying to hop on the video-streaming-service bandwagon. Disney , NBCUniversal, AT&T and Apple are all making their way into the paid streaming game, and they're surely not the last. These hugely successful corporations want to stake their claims in this already crowded entertainment sector. 

Disney's service, Disney+ is set to unveil this year and will take advantage of its overarching ownership of many franchises, such as Star Wars , Marvel and the Pixar movies. AT&T's service well presumably use everything under the Warner umbrella. NBCUniversal's will include original content as well as licensed titles. Apple's service is a bit of a mystery as to what will be included with its streaming service, but a company of that size is sure to be competitive. These are just the ones yet to debut. Think about how many are already available. When does it end? 

Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu , CBS All Access (Disclosure: CBS is CNET's parent company), HBO Now and more are already available, each with original and licensed content. How do we choose between them? It can really be quite the headache. In addition to these, there's live-TV streaming services such as DirecTV , YouTube TV, Hulu with live TV , Sling TV and others, each of which allows you to view live shows sans a cable company. There are so many options today for cord-cutters. 

Originally labeled as an alternative to cable, video-streaming services now seem comparable in price, depending on how many you sign up for. So, with such a crowded landscape, how do you decide? Is it originals? Their catalogs of non-original shows and movies? Maybe it's price? Or, maybe we should we just sign up for them all so we don't miss out? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to vote in the poll so we can see how you feel. 

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