NBCUniversal jumping on the streaming-service bandwagon, report says

You know, like Disney. And Warner. And Apple.

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Joan E. Solsman
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The Jurassic World franchise has been one of NBCUniversal's biggest blockbusters. 


NBCUniversal -- the Comcast media giant behind the Jurassic World franchise and TV networks like NBC, Bravo and Syfy -- reportedly plans to launch a streaming service next year.

The service will include original content, licensed programming and titles from the company's archives, according to Variety, which cited two unnamed people familiar with the matter. It will reportedly be available free with advertising for people who already pay for TV through Comcast or Sky, the company's European satellite provider. But people who aren't Comcast customers can still access it with a paid subscription, and NBCU will offer an ad-free version for an extra fee too, the report said. 

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It makes NBCUniversal the latest gigantic company jumping on the streaming-video bandwagon. Just this year, streaming services are expected from Apple , which has been reportedly investing $1 billion in programming for its as-yet-unconfirmed service; Disney , which will be the exclusive place to stream all its blockbuster Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars films; and WarnerMedia, the AT&T unit that owns HBO and movies like Harry Potter and Wonder Woman.  

It will mark the coming year as one of major renovation for traditional Hollywood giants, which are all grappling for ways to take on deep-pocketed tech companies pouring money into original shows and movies, like Netflix and Amazon. 

NBCUniversal didn't immediately respond to a message seeking comment. 

NBCU has long had a streaming operation through Hulu , the service jointly owned by Comcast, Disney, Fox and Warner. Pending Disney's takeover of Fox, however, Hulu is expected to come Disney's majority control later this year.

What we know about the Disney+ streaming service: It's getting ready to rival Netflix.

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