Cingular/AT&T launches the LG CU500V--or not

AT&T launches the LG CU500V

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Update: Mere hours after we posted this blog entry, we got the news that Cingular/AT&T has pulled down the LG CU500V from its site. So either someone jumped the gun and listed it early, or the site is experiencing some technical difficulties. Plus, it looks like the Nokia N75 is suffering from the same launch fake-out. What's up, AT&T? The following is the original blog entry prior to the take down:

AT&T has just launched the LG CU500V, which is the first phone to offer live mobile video calls in the U.S. We mentioned it awhile ago, back during CES 2007, and like we said back then, the LG CU500V is essentially identical to the LG CU500 save for the Video Share feature. It's not exactly true synchronized video calling however, as the video is transmitted only one-way, though apparently the direction can be switched during the call if the receiver has a compatible handset. Engadget suspects that AT&T plans to launch true video calling later this year, but that remains to be seen for now. Also, unlike what we reported at CES, it seems that existing LG CU500 users can't upgrade their firmware to support the new Video Share feature; they'll have to pony up the extra cash to buy a new LG CU500V just like the rest of us. The LG CU500V will cost about $29.99 after a two-year contract and a rebate.