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Cingular to bring video calling, with the LG CU500v

Cingular/AT&T will be first in U.S. to offer live mobile video calls.

LG CU500
CNET Networks
You'll probably see more about this as CES 2007 progresses, but Cingular (or is it AT&T?) announced a new video calling service, which makes it the first carrier in the U.S. to offer live mobile video calls. The video calls are one-way for now, however, meaning only one party can stream the video while the other party watches. The first phone to feature it is the LG CU500v, which is a slightly upgraded version of the HSDPA-capable LG CU500. I received confirmation from an LG representative that existing LG CU500 users can simply upgrade the software on the phone in order to get the video-calling feature, although I'm not sure if the newer LG CU500v models will cost more. Cingular/AT&T will have a demo of the product at its booth at the show, and the service is expected to debut early this year.