Charlie's Angels first look launches a backflipping Kristen Stewart

ET brings us a few clips of the Angels, including another Stewart, Patrick, as a suave and sophisticated Bosley. Plus, see the new trailer.

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Jennifer Bisset
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Kristen Stewart plays Sabina.

Pascal Le Segretain/amfAR

From what we've seen so far, Elizabeth Banks' sequel to the Charlie's Angels film series is looking to take on, in Banks' words, "a new era of modern and global Angels." This suggests less gratuitous butt close-ups and more substance all round. CNET's sister site ET provided a first look at Banks' Angels in action, and while the wigs and disguises appear to be alive and well, more modestly dressed Angels are also very much kicking.

Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska take the stage as the secret agents. Several cast members, including Banks -- who also writes and produces -- Patrick Stewart, Sam Claflin and Djimon Hounsou play multiple Bosleys, presumably hailing from different countries.

The Angels, working for the mysterious Charlie of the now-global security enterprise the Townsend Agency, are hired for their protection and intelligence services. Judging by those few clips, Scott, who recently belted out tunes as Jasmine in Aladdin, looks like she might be initially under the protection of Stewart and Balinksa's characters. We'll know for sure Nov. 15 when Charlie's Angels fly-kicks into cinemas.

In the meantime, here's a new official trailer, released Thursday. 

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Originally published June 26.