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Buzz Out Loud 991: The Pre iPhone show

We wrap up coverage of the Palm Pre but are too early for the WWDC. Don't worry. We'll cover those announcements in a separate episode of Buzz Out Loud later in your feed. we also disrespect the Bing and congratulate the Pirate Party on their win.

We wrap up coverage of the Palm Pre but are too early for the WWDC. Don't worry. We'll cover those announcements in a separate episode of Buzz Out Loud later in your feed. we also disrespect the Bing and congratulate the Pirate Party on their win.

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Palm Pre’s big day

After dismantling, Palm Pre is estimated to cost $170

Palm sells 50,000 Pres

WWDC 2009 live blog

Apple prepares to reset the bar in the mobile app market

Twitter to roll out ‘Verified Accounts’ this summer

Bing off to solid start, but not that good

Swedish Pirate Party headed to European Parliament

China to preload PCs with filtering software

Acer 3D laptop

New Zealand gets first dibs on Windows 7

Hacker named to Homeland Security Advisory Council

PSP Go lacks mini USB, compatibility with existing accessories, common sense

Sony considering UMD game trade-in program for PSP Go digital versions


Brandon in Philly calling from his Palm Pre

Richard in LA about Bing and the Microsoft logo

Firechief Kevin on how Emergency Services work

Hey Buzz Crew,

I’m a relatively new listener, so I apologize if you’ve already covered this. I’ve recently learned of a machine called the EBM or “Espresso Machine” (http://www.ondemandbooks.com/hardware.htm). It’s a “book ATM” that is about the size of an office copy machine and can print and bind books to order. Their site claims that this machine will print a 300-page book in less than four minutes at a production cost of a penny per page. An NPR story reports that the machines retail cost about $175,000. (http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=104644575).

I was wondering about the crew’s opinion on this as it relates to the kindle. This seemingly cheap and more environmentally friendly way to produce books would be enough to convince me to try this contraption. Do you think this technology could catch on? If so, how do you think it would affect the publishing industry and reading community?

Keep up the good work!

Christine, the music teacher

Hi guys,

I wanted to put my two cents in about the omelette in plastic. This
form of cooking if called sous-vide, under vacuum in french

Basically, you put whatever you want to eat in a vacuum sealed bag and
then cook it in hot water for some period of time. This is a very
popular way of cooking meat because you can cook the meat at 140
degrees Fahrenheit and you get the meat rare from edge to edge, it
might not look very good, pink throughout, but you could grill it for
a few seconds to get a charred exterior. The omelette in the zip lock
bag is pretty much the exact same thing just instead of meat you put
eggs and veggies and bacon. Sous-vide is a great way to make pulled
pork because by definition you cannot overheat the meat and thus you
can leave the meat in there for hours and even days.

As for the plastic, most zip lock bags do have on the manufacturer’s
site or the box it came in a max temp for the bag to be used under so
you do not want to over heat it. When heating up plastic, though, only
some kinds, the plastic releases a form of estrogen that can affect
mammary glands and in general is not good for you
However, there are special food grade plastics that do not have the
same compounds and withstand heat to a better degree and these food
grade plastics are the ones that should be used for the sous-vide,
though, one of those extra-tough zip lock bags used in water under the
max temp should be ok for making the omelettes.

Gary Katsevman
Computer Science Undergraduate
Northeastern University

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