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After dismantling, Palm Pre is estimated to cost $170

Just hours after the Palm Pre went on sale, Rapid Repair has already torn it apart and estimated how much it costs Palm to build.

We can rebuild it, no problem. RapidRepair

For those of you who enjoy seeing the latest and greatest gear in pieces, RapidRepair has already torn apart the Palm Pre just hours after the first units became available.

Once the thing was completely ripped apart, the folks at RapidRepair tallied up the price for each component and determined that it costs Palm around $170 to build the Pre. How accurate that number truly is, we can't tell you. But what we do know is that the Pre will cost you $199 (with a $100 mail-in rebate and two-year service agreement).

Anybody think these teardowns are silly? Or do they provide useful info?

Source: RapidRepair (see more pics)

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