Board a 'Star Trek' dating site and find someone Worf falling for

Are you a clingy Klingon or a doomed Red Shirt when it comes to dating? Instead of playing Picard-to-get, look for love logically on a site that takes an extra-personalized approach to "Star Trek" matchmaking.

Bonnie Burton
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Bonnie Burton
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Love the Worf you're with. Paramount

We single geeks know better than anyone how hard it is to locate love in a world full of people who don't know the difference between a targ and a tribble.

A dating site just for "Star Trek" fans called TrekDating.com takes an extra-personalized approach to helping you find someone Worf falling for.

"Star Trek" fan dating sites are nothing new -- you can choose from a range like Star Trek Dating, Date a Trekkie, Trek Passions and Trekkie Dating. But TrekDating.com hopes to set itself apart by encouraging users to post profile photos of themselves dressed as their favorite characters and post videos of themselves talking about what Roddenberry's universe means to them.

After all, not all "Star Trek" fans are alike. Some of us only love the original TV series starring William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. Other fans are more interested in more recent TV shows such as "Star Trek: The Next Generation," "Deep Space Nine," "Voyager" and "Enterprise." Still others are only interested in the new reboot movies from J.J. Abrams. Not to mention the fans who love the books and comics.

The personalized profiles on TrekDating.com can help you find the most compatible fan on the service so you're not stuck talking about Odo from DS9 when you'd rather talk about Data from ST:TNG.

Of course, no dating site will help you find the perfect mate to binge-watch episodes with if you don't have a little game. So here are a few pointers on how to romance your possible love interest before you "engage."

Learn a few sweet nothings in Klingon to set the mood. Saying "qaparHa'qu" ("I love you") might be rushing it, so start slow with something like "HIghoS" ("Come here") or "nItebHa' mamI' DaneH'a'?" ("Would you like to dance with me?")

Steer clear of Klingon idioms such as "Dujeychugh jagh nIv yItuHQo" ("There is nothing shameful in falling before a superior enemy") and "ghIj qet jaghmeyjaj" ("May your enemies run with fear.") That might send the wrong message and end a first date quickly. If your Klingon is a bit shabby, just be a good listener.

You don't have to be a master linguist to win a fellow fan over. It's the little things that can make a relationship sparkle like a particle beam or explode like a damaged warp core. Perhaps showing off your knowledge of obscure "Star Trek" trivia is enough, or better yet, comparing collections of memorabilia could impress your date.

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It's easy to get started on TrekDating.com. "We don't need to know if you are a Vulcan, Klingon or a Romulan. Just if you are male [or] female and what you are looking for," founder Jonathan Bird told Crave.

You can sign up for free and start searching for "Star Trek" singles in your area. The site is also international. You can create a list of favorite singles and send winks to let them know you're interested. You will receive an email when someone sends you a message, adds you as a favorite or winks at you.

But to send a message, chat online via instant messenger, see who's viewed your profile, add more than one profile photo, create and read dating diaries and create and watch video profiles, you have to upgrade to a full membership for $39.99 per month (about £26 or AU$52).

Just remember to be yourself, and not an

who tries to woo with bad jokes and stories about your cat.

Even Data could use a little dating help. Paramount