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Crazy-rare classic 'Star Trek' phaser goes up for auction

A screen-used prop phaser from the original "Star Trek" series is up for sale and it's expected to fetch a price that is out of this world.

Phaser from "Star Trek"
Own a piece of sci-fi history. Propworx

Somewhere far in the future, a Red Shirt is missing his phaser. That's because auction company Propworx has it and is putting it up for sale to the highest bidder. The prop weapon traces back to the original "Star Trek," making it quite the rarity. Propworx says the phaser is "one of only two such examples that is known to have survived from the '60s."

The fiberglass phaser has a fascinating pedigree. It was a prop in the 1968 time-travel episode "Assignment: Earth," used in an early scene when a mysterious stranger beams on board. The phaser earned a close-up while in the hands of security officer in the Transporter Room.

A distinctive scratch, a paint blemish and the geometry of the nozzle all helped to positively ID the prop. The auction house expects that the same prop was also used in later episodes, though it's harder to prove.

Fans will get extra-excited about what was found in the Velcro patch on the weapon. Strands of red, gold and blue tunic fabrics are still clinging to the catchy material.

The phaser is estimated to sell for between $40,000 and $60,000 (about £39,800, AU$76,000). Propworx is accepting early online bids, while live bidding starts on February 21. Back in 2013, a phaser rifle hefted by Captain Kirk sold at auction for $231,000.

The auction includes a bunch of other goodies from various "Star Trek" series, including quite a few costumes. You can bid on a formal jacket worn by Captain Picard on the holodeck, a spiffy Wesley Crusher sweater worn by Wil Wheaton's stunt double and some Klingon knives from "Deep Space Nine."

Not every "Trek" fan will be able to swing $60,000 for a sweet, sweet phaser, but you may get lucky and land a tribble (or three) for under $1,000. Just don't feed them after you bring them home.

Phaser used on screen
The phaser as seen in a 1968 episode of "Star Trek." Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

(Via Luxury Launches)