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The Best Booze for a Sci-Fi Fan: GoT Whiskey, Star Wars Wine and More

From Game of Thrones spirits to Skywalker wines, these are the best boozy gifts for a fantasy fan.

Did you know there are some excellent beverages and bar accessories inspired by the sci-fi shows, fantasy films and RPGs we love?  Some of those fantastical tipples include Johnnie Walker's Game of Thrones scotches and George Lucas' line of Skywalker Wines. If you've got a fantasy fan on your list who likes to uncork a bottle now and again, liquid gift options abound. From Trekkies to Potterheads and everyone in between, these are the best bottles of nerd booze to give this season. 

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Johnnie Walker

Inhabitants of the frozen north need something to warm their spirit and this blended Scotch comes from Clynelish, the Northernmost distiller in Scotland. Expect a sweet, smooth and fruity whiskey with slight woody notes.

Johnnie Walker

This smokey scotch is inspired by Daenerys Targaryen and her fire-breathing dragons. A rounded sweetness gives way to notes of vanilla, hints of spice, subtle smoke and a warm, smooth finish.

Star Trek Spirits

Don't be fooled by the "ale" designation -- this line of Star Trek-inspired booze includes a rye whiskey aged in newly charred white oak barrels and a smooth vodka distilled four times in a stainless steel still. Plus, these bottles couldn't possibly look any cooler sitting atop your bar. 

The Romulan rye whiskey sells for $85 and the vodka for $75, or you can get the bundle for $155.

Skywalker Vinyards

Somehow the mastermind behind Star Wars has found time to run a California winery. Skywalker wines run the gamut from Pinot Noirs and red blends to sparkling whites and rosé. Find them directly through the website and order a few bottles for the Star Wars fan-wine drinker on your list.

Movie nerds who pop bottles of vino probably know about the famed director's well-rated wines. This Super Tuscan-style blend features lively notes of blackberry, cherry, currant and anise.

Total Wine

Mead, or honey wine, is the tipple of choice in many a fantasyland or fairy tale. This artisan metheglin-style Danish mead sports hibiscus and hops, giving it a softer citrus flavor and floral aroma with a dry finish.

As far as we know, real viking blood is not used in the making of this mead.


This elegant whiskey decanter is perfect for anyone who leans toward the dark side. 

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Total Wine

Disturbingly dark and strong -- it's only right that an Imperial Stormtrooper would guzzle imperial stout after a long shift of shooting at (and often missing) the good guys. You can nab a 4-pack of cans of the Russian stout for $15 on Total Wine. 

Flying Cauldron

While this isn't an officially sanctioned product, fans of the wizarding world will get it. This (butter) scotch beer is like a cream soda but with butterscotch. It's non-alcoholic and so good for the whole coven. Oh, and you won't have to travel to the Hogshead Inn to get some.


A round of Dungeons and Dragons can roll on for hours. You can liven up your next RPG sesh with this cocktail compendium featuring 75 RPG-inspired cocktail creations. Try a boozy Dragon the Beach or a Potion of Strength to keep the party going.


Potterheads who fancy a tipple have options too. This book is less about spells and more about spritzes, martinis, margaritas and party punch. 

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House of the Dragon

It's not all about hard booze for GoT fans. This House of Dragons collection of wine features a California Cab, Lodi Red Blend and Oregon Pinot Noir all wrapped up in House of the Dragon packaging. 

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