Amazon Go cashierless stores coming to SF and Chicago, says report

Amazon Go is like a convenience store without the lines or cashiers.

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Amazon Go store Seattle
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Amazon Go store Seattle

Amazon Go's first location is in Seattle.

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Amazon Go's cashierless convenience stores sound like they belong in a sci-fi movie, but they could be coming to a city near you. Amazon is reportedly looking to open Amazon Go locations in San Francisco and Chicago, according to The Seattle Times.

Shopping at an Amazon Go store is a lot like shopping at a conventional store, except for the whole waiting-in-line-to-pay part. You just scan your phone when you enter, pick up your items and then leave. Amazon Go uses cameras and computer algorithms to track what you take, and then charge your Amazon account when you leave.

Right now the only Amazon Go location is in Seattle. An Amazon spokesperson confirmed to The Seattle Times that the company is planning on opening Amazon Go stores in SF and Chicago, but didn't say when they'd open. The Seattle Times also reports that Amazon is hiring Amazon Go store managers in these two cities.

The San Francisco Chronicle recently reported that Amazon is eying an Amazon Go location in SF's Union Square neighborhood. Meanwhile, Curbed Chicago also previously spotted an Amazon building permit for a location in Chicago's Loop.

CNET reached out to Amazon about its plans to open up more Amazon Go locations, and we'll update as we hear back.

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