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24 spooky shots from one awesome Instagram account

I found an Instagram account that's totally dedicated to collecting photos of creepy abandoned places. What's not to like?

Instagram is great for getting a peek at what's going on in the lives of your friends and family, but it's also full of some fantastic photography. If you don't know where to look though, you could be missing out.

That's why for the past several weeks, I've been sharing some of my favorites. Previously, I've written about architecture-focused photographer Cim Ek, danger seeker Vadim Makhorov and outdoor adventurer Dylan Furst, among several others.

This week, I'm really excited to share one of the best accounts I've come across. It's called itsabandoned and like it says in the bio, it is simply shots of "Beautiful Abandoned Places." I don't know about you, but when I scroll through this account, nearly every shot has a spooky quality that makes it really cool.

Note that this account collects these photos, but the source is usually listed in the description for each one:

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