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18 shapely shots from an architecture-focused photographer

This Swedish photographer's fascination with shapes, angles and buildings is eye-catching and makes this Instagram account stand out.

For the past several weeks, I've been sharing some of my favorite Instagram accounts because there are so many hidden gems you might not see if you only follow friends and family. Previously I shared the scary photography of Vadim Makhorov, outdoor adventure shots from Dylan Furst, and several other accounts.

Today I'm highlighting a photographer from Sweden, Cim Ek. She seems fascinated with fashion, outdoor and architectural photography, but what's truly striking is her attraction to shapes, angles and textures. She seems to like building facades and other cool shots of structures from creative viewpoints. In some of her shots she intentionally (I assume) turns the image sideways to create some really neat effects. You'll also notice she likes spiral stairs.

Her whole feed is worth checking out, but I'm going to focus on just the type of photography that initially caught my eye.