10 life-changing CES 2019 lessons I wish I could unlearn

The world is heading towards oblivion.

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Mark Serrels

"Kill me"

Chris Monroe/CNET

Today is my last day at my very first CES and I have to tell you this: It's been "interesting". 

"Interesting" is the word I've been using when I'm trying to read the room and not offend anyone. CES 2019 has been an intense mix of world-changing technology with the potential to transform our lives and a sequential list of garbage with the word "smart" attached.

I've learned a lot.

I've learned that my poop is wrong, that my face is wrong. I've learned that, unless I buy myself a $200 "smart belt" I will die a lonely death in my garden while being eaten alive by ants. 

I've had a great time.

10 life-changing things I learned at CES 2019

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