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'Crowd Control' contributors

Hundreds helped CNET write a crowdsourced science fiction novel. Many were anonymous, but plenty left their names at the door. Here's a list of those we know pitched in to create a new multiverse.

Sam Falconer

Last fall, CNET invited the world to join us in writing an ambitious sci-fi story involving parallel universes, futuristic biotechnology and one pivotal mission involving both.

The response was astounding, with contributors from all six habitable continents not just writing and editing, but pitching in to organize story ideas, brainstorm and keep our sometimes unwieldy plot on track. Some contributors were non-native-English speakers.

All this work was done primarily via a single Google Doc and a Facebook group, and the volume of edits in the doc more than 100 pages long stretched the cloud-based technology to the breaking point. But everyone put up with the lag and persevered to create a rough draft of a full manuscript with a beginning, middle and end. That story is now appearing on CNET.

Contributors had the option to contribute anonymously or log in with a name or handle to be credited in the effort. Below is the full list of those contributors. There's no way to tell for sure how many other people contributed anonymously (not logged in), but during the peak of the writing in November and December of last year, there were typically anywhere between 10 and 50 people (or at least browser tabs) in the doc at any given time. Altogether, we conservatively estimate that several hundred people contributed, at least in some small way, to this project.

Writing credits: Nicole Brandon, Kathy Cail, Parker Chojnowski, Elena Clare, Timothy Clark, Johanna DeBiase, W.E., Heather Elder, Derek Joyce, Rajesh Krishnan, Rosemary Larkin, B T-M, Eric Mack, Andrew McMahon, Acilio Mendes, Gregg Mizuno, Drew Pearson, Bryce Rajkarnikar, Darlene Reilley, Victor Rocco, Jeffrey Rosser, Scott Stevens, Alexander Wilby, Nicole Wynter, Ryan Yi, Julia Zimmerman

Copy editing/organizing credits: Kelsey Adams, Matt Amsden, Binoj Antony, Emily Baker, Tobias Bartlett, Nick Borkowski, Nathan Brummel, Corey C., Kathy Cail, Carlos Carbonell, Tracy Cembor, Saul CG, Andy Channelle, Jack Chekal, Elena Clare, Emma Coles, Lisa M Collins, Mac Coln, Jerry Cordaro, Linda Dartsch, Johanna DeBiase, Theo Diamantis, Ryan Dunlap, W.E., Wiebke Ecke, Seth Eilbott, Heather Elder, Robert Feder, Brett Filip, Charles Franklin, Jon Gale, Jim Girardi, Hury GK, InfoSecGuru, David R. Hansen, Christopher Hapka, James Heasley, Jonathan Heywood, John Holsinger, Adam Hruby, Jyrki Huhta, Ryan Ik, Mark Iverson, Michael James, Derek Joyce, Leslie Katz, Angela Kaplan, Rajesh Krishnan, Rosemary Larkin, Sherilyn Lim, Ioana Literat, Diego Lucero, Eric Mack, Anand Madhvani, Junil Maharjan, David McGuinness, Andrew McMahon, Melody Meiners, Acilio Mendes, Courtney Morgan, Julie Ngo, Lamech O'Brien, William Pape, Pat Patten, Drew Pearson, Peppermt, Ravi Poluri, Christoph Ra, Victor Rocco, Potato Reaper, Darlene Reilley, Robert Ryan, Glenn Stevens, Laura Sutton, Laura Sutton, TheImakiwi, Signe Redfield, Nathan Rucker, Eduardo Goicoechea Serrano, Lou Saegesser, Daniel Ortin-Salerno, Zoraida Krystal Santiago, Joe Sare, Ran Schindler, Robert Sier, Julia Sirotich Senatore, Enan Srivastava, Ian Stade, Scott Stevens, CM Stewart, José Ureña, Arsya Utomo, Alfonoso Villegas, David Voderberg, Lauren Wainwright, Kevin Wei, Todd Wellman, Alexander Wilby, Maya Williamson, Rob Lloyd Wood, Nicole Wynter, Julia Zimmerman