Must-See CES 2017 Take a look at our favorites from the 2017 gadget extravaganza happening now in Las Vegas. Check back every day for new picks!

Picks for Saturday Must-See

Attention cordcutters: Mohu AirWave bundles your local TV channels into handy app form (hands-on)

Sony turns any flat surface into an Android smartphone, minus the whole phone part

Alexa took over CES. Now she needs to take over the world

CES 2017: It's a Wi-Fi system war and you're the winner

BMW wins the future with HoloActive Touch controls

Asus ZenFone AR combines Google Tango and Daydream VR in one

Picks for Friday Must-See


The Furrion Elysium RV has a hot tub and a retractable helipad


Zeeq smart pillow tells you how loud you snore

Hushme is the perfect gift for your loud-talking cube partner

This voice-activated kitchen assistant looks like a creepy crystal ball

The most beautiful tech in Las Vegas isn't even at CES

Why not go for a run with a filter on your face?

Take your art big-screen with the Dell Canvas 27-inch drawing surface

Picks for Thursday Must-See

Honda's self-balancing 'cycle keeps the rubber side down at CES 2017

This is the backpack MacGyver would use

Polaroid Pop debuts at CES 2017 and actually looks kind of neat


Noted everyman Nick Offerman warms up the CNET stage with a personalized greeting

Dell's monster 8K monitor could be the world's first, and it has a price to match


LG's got balls y'all...and a massive screen tunnel

Razer's new gaming laptop has three (!) screens

Picks for Wednesday Must-See

LG's amazing ultrathin OLED is wall art that happens to be a TV


Intel demos world's first "walk-around" VR video experience

A 13-inch laptop with a 14-inch screen. Yes, you read that right

This is not the NES Power Glove, it's better


Toyota reveals AI-powered self-driving Concept-i

Here's a Bluetooth toaster, because CES


The flying selfie camera that follows you everywhere (and won't get pushed around)

Size definitely does matter with this Kingston flash drive

Picks for Tuesday Must-See

Abracadabra: This new 'Magic' phone knows who you are and what you want (hands-on)

Here's what a $9,000 gaming laptop looks like

Dell Inspiron, a charmingly cheap gaming laptop, kicks off CES 2017

A favorite slim biz laptop gets a hybrid makeover

Chrysler's Portal concept is your autonomous, biometric future

Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 lineup makes it easier than ever to leave your desk behind

The coolest thing at CES? Samsung's four-in-one laundry system