Must-See from CES 2018 Take a look at our favorite highlights from the 2018 gadget extravaganza happening now in Las Vegas. Check back every day for new picks!

Picks for Thursday Must-See

Intel flies 250 drones above Las Vegas' Bellagio casino
The Razer HyperFlux mouse gets its juice from a magic mousepad
Workhorse brings its W-15 electric pickup truck to CES 2018
Recycled guns give these headphones heft and a cause
Cabs in Vegas could be the public's first experience with self-driving cars

Picks for Wednesday Must-See

Rains at CES caused the 2-hour show floor blackout
The craziest CES booth threatened me with chain saws and soldiers
Giant mech takes first steps toward its own racing league
Sony’s new 4K, $30K projector is basically furniture
Aeolus is the smart home robot of my dreams
The HiMirror Mini told me I have dark circles under my eyes

Picks for Tuesday Must-See

Vivo phone shows off first in-screen fingerprint scanner
Merge Blaster looks like the next wave of Laser Tag for phones
This is what it's like to drift in a BMW M5 in Vegas
Mirage Solo with Daydream is Lenovo and Google's VR headset
Sony's new Aibo robot dog is cuter and does better tricks

Picks for Monday Must-See

This self-propelled suitcase followed me around CES 2018
LG Display's crazy 65-inch OLED TV can roll up like a poster
This raindrop-shaped wearable can help you protect your skin
HTC's Vive Pro makes your virtual world a whole lot clearer
A real blood-pressure smartwatch is coming from Omron this year
Nvidia's first TV is really just a big-ass gaming monitor
Welcome, robot overlords: Sophia the robot walks
We were promised flying cars. Intel gave us a self-driving drone.
Help, I've fallen and I *can* get up
NeoMano robotic glove helps paralyzed hands grip again
Three new Sony phones put more of yourself in your selfies

Picks for Sunday Must-See

Byton's CES concept car looks destined for the high-tech road
The Tetra dishwasher is a connected countertop cleaning machine
DJI Osmo Mobile 2 will be the phone camera stabilizer you buy
For sale: Short Story Dispenser. Never used
Myteepi watches over your home, even without power or Wi-Fi
Samsung's The Wall makes massive, 146-inch modular TV a reality